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Ever been stuck on a Sunday night not knowing what combinations will do the new week right? You are not alone, I bet there are billions of others like you trying to figure out what best suits the work week, and any event at all. Spending countless hours in front of the mirror with your wardrobe door open, and pacing between the wide mirror and your wardrobe can be bothersome most times. Worse, you make up with nothing after the whole struggle. Selecting the right combinations can be a lot less stressful when you abide by these astute fashion tips which enables you appear in your best at any occasion or event.

Fashion choices are largely influenced by our individual style, physique and disposition. It is rather hazardous to follow the crowd when fashion is concerned because the central idea of fashion is that “it should fit”. However, these style tips and tricks that would follow would be an eye opener on how to appear simple, perfect and attractive at any event, without needing to reveal too much.

  1. Let your intention decide

Nothing is truer than the adage that says the way you dress is the way that you will be addressed. Dress with intention. Your outfit is your expression make it count. Consider the colors that bring out your skin and turns you on. Naturally, bright colors would do the trick. A perfect blend of these colors will do you justice.

  1. You are your own idol, treat with care

Beauty and health is interwoven in more ways than one. A stressed body and mind cannot make the right fashion decisions. You must pay apt attention to rest. Yes, rest! Remember, the mythical “beauty sleep?” it’s no myth at all. A bed coated in pure silk helps you sleep better, you wake up with a clear mind capable of making better decisions.

  1. Keep a neat and coordinated wardrobe

This is perhaps the genesis of all fashion crisis. Do you want to put an end to spending hours at your closet and not coming up with any meaningful outfit? If yes, open your wardrobe, skim through your wears and evict clothing that you will never stop to buy at a store at this time. Evict via donation. Keep your closet tidy and arranged using your color preference as guide.

  1. Pay attention to your physique

Wonder how some people just so get it right with clothing? Believe me, there is nothing extraordinary about it. You can be a fashion goddess too just by pondering about your regular outfits. Everything largely depends on your physique, use it to your advantage. For instance, a “V-neck” makes the torso appear longer, and a nude pups will do the magic and make up for your legs. Adore your body imperfection and make it stylish.

  1. Go to your store prepared

You have a special occasion, someone is getting married or having a book launch? Events like these are fashion demanding. So when you are heading to the store, go prepared! Wear the desired shoes, and hairstyle, including your make up. It helps your decision. Lastly, put on a fine lingerie. Or check it out on our store @ geemeup.com 

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