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How many invitations to barbeques you have got so far? Are you ready for those pool-side parties and get-togethers that make summer so special? Let’s share some tips that would make you look sexy and fabulous this summer.

Summer skin care – look and feel fabulous

If you want to show off some skin this summer, you need to take care of it. To confidently flaunt your bikini, you need well-toned legs and arms. Cellulite marks on your thighs and dark spots on your face would dampen your spirit as well as bring down your glamour quotient. So, start taking care of your skin by following a beauty care regime. Moisturise your skin daily and use a toner to keep it fresh. Go for regular exfoliation to get rid of the dead cells. Don’t forget to clean your face properly at the end of the day.

Hit the gym or take up a sport to tone your body. Remember, any kind of cardiovascular exercise is good for your health. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet to make your skin glow. Along with it, go for regular masks to nurture your skin.

Are you ready for the pool now? Oh, the cellulite. Don’t worry as there are a number of things you can do to get rid of those ugly marks on your thighs. Dry brushing, massaging your skin with juniper oil and masks made of apple cider vinegar are good to bid goodbye to cellulite marks.

With all these skin care tips, you would find your skin glowing and pool-ready.

Look super sexy this summer

It’s time to work on your style quotient. Ditch those jeans and tees and adopt a more feminine look to stand apart. Go for those summer dresses you have been stacking in your wardrobe. Floral prints, pastel shades or monochromes, choose your own style. Buy a few sexy lingerie sets that would make you feel sexy from within. Crop tops are trending now. Team them with palazzos, trousers or skirts. Pair these with sexy sandals in bright colors. Off-shoulder dresses would rule the fashion world this summer, as would backless ones. So, you know what to buy to dominate the fashion world.

Invest in over-sized shades. They would make you look amazing instantly. When partying by the pool or beach, wear hats. Your swimsuit should flatter your body. Your favourite red lipstick would never go out of fashion so flaunt your pout confidently. Wear waterproof eyeliners and a light makeup to balance your look.

For a glamorous look, highlight your hair. For a dramatic effect, wear colourful eyeliners at night.

The idea is to go bold, be confident and feel great. With the right makeup and dress, loads of confidence and a smile on your face, you would rock this summer easily.

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