How to stay fabulous no matter rain or shine---BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT

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Be fabulous – let your self-esteem take you to where you have always wanted to be

You may not be the best looking girl in the town. You may not have an hour-glass figure. However, that cannot stop you from being fabulous. Yes, you can be fabulous each and every day of your life and soar high with self-esteem. As a woman, always remember that you were born to be great; you were born to be yourself and shine in your own aura. “Gee me up” that should be the mantra of your life.

Stay fabulous and dazzle the world

Are you feeling low today? Do you feel like giving up? Don’t. Just “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” I know it may not be so easy always and so we are here. We are here to make you feel great and boost your self-esteem.

Be responsible – That’s the first thing to do. Be responsible for your happiness, be responsible for your actions and be the agent of change in your life. Everything starts with you and hence your thoughts and dreams should be the first priority to you.

You have to work hard to achieve your goals. With your skill, determination, and intelligence you can always do that. So, hold your head high, smile and face the world with courage.

Start experimenting – The best way to feel good is to try something new. Take up a hobby or change your job. Learn a new language or go for an adventure sport. Challenge yourself, push the envelope and fill every moment with new vigor to live.

Love yourself – No matter what happens you must not give up on yourself. Love yourself as you are your best friend. Take a break when life becomes dull. Go for a walk or take a bubble bath. Watch movies you like. Sing a song when life gets boring and very soon you would get back the zing.

Create an action plan – Nothing happens without a plan. To achieve the goals of your life, you need a plan too. So, create an action plan and stick to it. Include everything that is important in your plan and work on it every day.

Get help – There is nothing wrong in asking for help. Your friends, relatives and even colleagues can pitch in with ideas to help you reach your goals. Respect others and they would respect you also.

Enjoy your life – Have fun. Don’t take life too seriously. You should always live in the moment and enjoy it.

Follow these simple rules of life and you would find others looking up to you. Remember the iconic Coco Chanel? Make her words your motto and you would feel fabulous about yourself.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”


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