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What is your story?

The body of the woman needs due and quality attention. This is her story, and no one tells it better than her. It is easy for anyone to go off beam in style when we dress not considering what suits our physique. It’s like putting a round ball in a square hole – It never fits. The body structure is characterised by ratio, and fashion is all about how best those ratios can be utilised in dressing.

In a way, it is right to say that every lady has a unique story – body, and so, would have a unique style that unleashes the goddess within her. However, our body builds are basically classified into five distinct units: the Pear, the Apple, the Hourglass, the Wedge, and the Rectangle. You should fall into any of these categories. Perhaps you doubt where you fall under, spend quality time in front of the mirror and take a frank and unbiased valuation of your body. Apply these tips that would follow, and you ready to make your own story.

1. The Pear

Wider hips than the shoulders, your upper body is less pronounced than your lower body. Your shoulders and torso are hence your assets. You can try out tops that are light-coloured with dark-coloured bottoms. A-line skirts would be a perfect bottom. Whatsoever brings out the shoulders and waist are what you should consider.

2. The Apple

About 14 percent of world’s women population have this body type. Like the apple, the upper body is fuller than the lower body. In other words “top-heavy”. A high-waist circle shirt should do the trick. A flowery top, and transferal dress should do also. Pay attention to your shoulders and legs as this will help balance your body.

3. The Hourglass

The perfect figure some would say, while others insist that it is the most seductive of all body shapes. One thing we know, however, is that it is a rare figure. You should place enough emphasis on your waist. Do not try to make them appear less obvious as that will be a not so fashion thing to do. V-neck tops and dresses, pencil wears, and a fitting lingerie is proper for your body.

4. The Wedge

Often neglected body physique because of its definition. The wedge shape is like a triangle turn on its head to face down. The strength of this physique is your legs. So balance your shape by paying attention to your lower body: wide-leg pants, and bottom bright colours. Your shoulders and bust are just perfect

5. The Rectangle

That 46 percent of the world’s women population fall into this category makes it popular. Like the rectangle, the upper and lower part of the body is of similar dimension. One of the advantages of this body physique is the liberty to try different combos, just make sure the styles are not overwhelming. Long jackets and scoop neck greatly help.

Dressing for your body shape should not focus on weight and height, apt attention should be paid to your figure. For instance, a short lady can still have the same physique as a taller lady. Hence, the trick is not in the height but in the shape, which gives you a feel of uniqueness and comfort.

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